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 2023  Honorary  Chairman
Justice Joseph Deters


Justice Joseph T. Deters is the 163rd justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
He took office in January 2023, following his appointment by Governor
Mike DeWine.

   Prior to joining the Court, Justice Deters served as the longest tenured
prosecutor in Hamilton County. He held the position twice from 1992-1999
and 2005-2023.

   During his time as prosecutor, Justice Deters established the first drug
court in Ohio, in partnership with Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.
The Hamilton County Drug Treatment and Recovery Court handles more
cases than any other specialized docket in the state.

   Justice Deters established the county’s first victim/witness advocate
program and helped develop several diversion programs for first time non-
violent offenders. He started a sex offender unit within the prosecutor’s
office to monitor offender registration and compliance. He formed a unit
focused on violent crimes against women and children.

   Justice Deters was elected statewide as Ohio Treasurer for two terms, in
1998 and 2002. As treasurer, he was responsible for collecting, managing,
and investing more than $11 billion in assets for the state.


   He served as Hamilton County Clerk of Courts from 1988-1992. The
Justice spent the first six years of his legal career as an assistant Hamilton
County prosecutor.

   Justice Deters received his undergraduate and law degrees from
The University of Cincinnati. He received the U.C. Law School’s Nicholas
Longworth III Alumni Achievement Award in 1997 for outstanding
contributions in legal practice and public and community service. He is a
member of the Cincinnati Bar Association and various civic organizations.
He previously served on the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees,
Ohio Organized Crime Commission, and the Southern Ohio Leukemia

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