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2019 Headliners


Main Stage

Friday, August 16th


Saturday, August 17th


Sunday, August 18th



    LOST CELTS is an Irish Rock/British Folk/American Acoustic band playing in and around Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We are heavily influenced by modern Irish rock/folk bands like the Young Dubliners and The Pogues, but also draw equally from "New World" influences like American bluegrass and folk, plus an occasional surprise or two!

    Main Stage

    Saturday - 6pm-6:45pm & 7pm-8pm

    Sunday- 7pm-7:45pm & 8pm-9pm


    Dulahan’s music is a Celtic hybrid that pays homage to the traditional but incorporates all the varied musical influences of the four members into its unique sound. The result is a unique blend of creative songwriting and musical energy that draws on both contemporary and the traditional Celtic but also unmistakably contains subtle hints of a Roots/Americana feel.

    Main Stage

    Saturday- 12pm-12:45pm & 1pm-2pm

    Sunday- 4:30pm-5:15pm & 5:30pm-6:30pm


    Easter Rising began with the common love of music between friends. Over the years, members have added and faded away, but one thing remains: Communio. Our shows are not built around traditional performance or glory-seeking. Every time we play together is an opportunity to share our friendships and passions not only with each other, but with those listening & dancing.

    Main Stage

    Saturday- 8:45pm-9:30pm & 9:50pm-11pm


    Take acoustic instrumentation and traditional Irish pub music, toss in up-to-date arrangements and high-energy performance, and you’ll get the FinTan sound that appeals to diverse fans. FinTan will get you on your feet clapping, dancing and even singing along to a wide variety of traditional, current and original Celtic music.

    Main Stage 

    Friday- 5pm-5:45pm & 6pm-7:15pm

    Sunday- 12pm-12:45pm & 1pm-2pm


    Father Son and Friends is a Celtic/Americana Folk group with a style found more in the Appalachian Mountain Region. With the upbeat burst of rowdy traditional and contemporary songs, combined with the sadness of the great Celtic ballads, their shows will leave you clapping and singing along. 

    Main Stage

    Friday- 8:45pm-9:30pm & 9:50pm-11pm

    Saturday- 2:30pm-3:15pm & 3:30pm-4:30pm

    Sunday- 2:30pm-3pm & 3:15pm-4pm

    Ceili Stage

    Saturday- 6pm-6:45pm


Friday, August 16th


Saturday, August 17th


Sunday, August 18th


Irish American Theater.jpg
Irish American Theater Company

The Company is a collective of professional and community artists who are dedicated to bringing to life the stories and people of Ireland for the enjoyment of audiences of all ages. Founded by Company Artistic Director Maureen A. Kennedy and a group of actors, musicians, educators and friends in 2004, the company is now in its tenth year. Since the inception of the Irish American Theater Company in 2004 this enthusiastic Company has grown into a Cincinnati favorite. This year’s production of Dancing at Lughnasa is a continuation of the collaboration of the talent and skills of artists coming together to create theatrical magic!

Starting rehearsals on the back deck of the founder’s home, the Irish American Theater Company is no longer homeless and is now housed within the Irish Heritage Center in the Columbia Tusculum area of Cincinnati. Since 2010 the Irish Heritage Center has been a home for preserving, entertaining and educating in all things Irish.

The theater group has brought the stories and people of Ireland to life with many hours of Story-telling.

Ballydesmond Photo.jpg

Ballydesmond is a twosome (Tim Kehoe & Tim Daugherty) that met about six years at the Riley School of Irish Music and started playing with some other Celtic bands locally. Two years ago, they began playing as a duo and have focused on tunes and songs in Irish Traditional music, as well as those from other Celtic lands and have even ventured into other genres at times.

Sunday, August 18th 5:15pm-5:45pm on Ceili Stage

Celtic Fire

Celtic Fire is a group of champion Irish Dancers whose high kicks, fast feet & pounding hard shoe beats are sure to light up the crowd!

Friday, August 16th 9:30pm-9:50pm on Main Stage

Saturday, August 17th 10-10:15pm on Ceili Stage

Bio pic.jpg
Celtic Pilates

Jacqui G. Haas, is a licensed athletic trainer and former professional ballet dancer. She is the program manager for the performing arts medicine division of Mercy Health at the Cincinnati Ballet where performs injury assessments and rehabilitation as well as Pilates for wellness and rehabilitation.

Sunday, August 18th 12:00pm

Cincinnati Highland Dancers Photograph.j
Cincinnati Highland Dancers

Cincinnati Highland Dancers are Cincinnati's OFFICIAL Scottish Highland Dance group. CHD is led by Louise L. Reid, SOBHD Judge and Fellow Member BATD and Melissa K. Volck, Fellow Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. In addition to competing in local, regional, national and world competitions, the dancers of CHD enjoy performing throughout the year for the community while preserving the Scottish Culture through the art of Scottish Highland Dancing. 

Friday, August 16th 8pm-8:45pm on Main Stage

Saturday, August 17th 9:30-9:50pm on Main Stage

Sunday, August 18th 2pm-2:30pm on Main Stage

Sunday, Auguat 18th 4:45-5:15pm on Ceili Stage

Corryville Suzuki Project.jpg
The Corryville Suzuki Project

The Corryville Suzuki Project, directed by Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan, is a unique string program for violin and viola which provides an exciting environment where all children can develop an appreciation for the beauty of music. CSP students receive a high level of musical training rooted in Shinichi Suzuki's philosophy that every child can develop superior abilities. CSP believes that music-making is a wonderful way for children of every economic, racial, and social background to communicate, develop skills, and begin friendships. The Corryville Suzuki Project includes students from all parts of Cincinnati as well as Northern Kentucky and Indiana.

Sunday, August 18th 4:15pm-4:45pm on Ceili Stage

Erickson Academy Celtic Festival Photo.j
The Erickson Academy of Irish Dance

The Erickson Academy of Irish Dance, located on Cincinnati's east side, has been offering Irish dance lessons to children, teens, and adults since 1998. Under the direction of Allison Weber Erickson, ADCRG and Allison McClanahan Carr, TCRG, Erickson Academy has gained a reputation for being a positive family-friendly studio. From their world qualifiers to their recreational dancers, each dancer is taught with the same love and passion for Irish dancing. 

Friday, August 16th 8-8:30pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 3-3:30pm on Main Stage

Sunday, Auguat 18th 5:45pm-6:15pm on Ceili Stage

Friendly Sons Glee Club Photo 2019a.jpg
The Friendly Sons of
St. Patrick Glee Club

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Glee Club is the musical group of the private organization (Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick) dedicated to the principles of brotherhood, charity and community service. Over the past 35 years, the Cincinnati chapter of the Glee Club has presented thousands of benefit and goodwill performances throughout the community. On a recent 4th of July, the group sang for a US Chamber of Commerce event in Dublin, Ireland and then presented a private performance for the President of Ireland. The sixty-some voices are led by Musical Director Chris Miller. 

Sunday, August 18th 1:30pm-2pm on Ceili Stage

The Cincinnati Scots Highland Dancers

The Cincinnati Scots Highland Dancers are under the direction of Missy Gentry who is a Fellow Member accredited instructor through the British Association of Teachers of Dance.  The group has had many dancers compete and place overall at the national and world championship levels. Kerry The Cincinnati Scots Highland Dancers enjoy promoting and preserving Scottish culture through this traditional form of dance.

Sunday Aug. 18th at 3:30pm on the Ceili Stage

Jeni's Chickens.png
Jeni's Chickens

Jeni’s Chickens are a group of friends and experienced traditional musicians from the greater Cincinnati area, specializing in the dance music of Ireland. Jeni Balcom-harp and concertina, Doug Mast-accordion, mandolin and bouzouki, Amy Bogard- flute and whistle. We have performed at regional Celtic festivals, St. Patrick’s Day events, pubs, ceili dances, and private parties.

Friday, August 16th 6:45pm-7:30pm on Ceili Stage

Sunday, August 18th 7:15pm-8pm

John McBride bio photo.jpg
John McBride

John McBride is a Kerry style bodhrán player and instructor. In 2011 the great Galway bodhrán artisan, Michael Vignoles of Ireland Woodcrafts, named one of his professional drum models after John. The year 2013 marked the release of his Kerry Style Beginner Bodhrán Instruction Video, which has received sterling reviews by publications and contemporaries, and reached #1 selling Amazon music instruction video.

Saturday, August 17th 6:45pm-7pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 7:45pm-8pm on Ceili Stage

Kathy Schneider.jpg
Kathy Schneider

Kathy Schneider is the traditional singing instructor for The Riley School of Irish Music. Let her sing you stories. 

Sunday, August 18th 7-7:15pm on Ceili Stage

McGing Irish Dancers.JPG
McGing School of
Irish Dance

Established in 1977, the McGing School of Irish Dance is Cincinnati’s most decorated Irish dancing school who has taught thousands of dancers of all ages to discover their love & passion for Irish Dance whether it be performing, competing or dancing just for fun. McGing Irish Dancers have achieved immeasurable competitive success including 4 World Championship Titles and are proudly home to the 2nd Place Minor Girls Figure Team from the 2019 World Irish Dancing Championships. From their humble beginnings the McGing Irish Dancers have grown to become a household name in the city of Cincinnati and pride themselves on being an internationally renowned program that gives children self-confidence, poise, and a fit body & mind both on and off the dance floor.  

Friday, August 16th 5-5:45pm on Ceili Stage

Friday, August 16th 6 - 6:45pm on Ceili Stage

Friday, August 16th 7:15pm-7:30pm on Main Stage

Saturday, August 17th 4:30-5pm on Main Stage

Sunday, August 18th 2:45pm-3:15pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 8-8:45pm on Main Stage

Sunday, August 18th 4-4:30pm on Main Stage

The McSplains

The McSplains are a 4-piece group who play traditional Irish music, as well as other folk music genres. Members are Amy Forrester playing whistles, Joel Greenberg on fiddle, Sara Krailler on accordion and bowed psaltry and Jim Krailler on guitar and bodhran. Formed in Cincinnati in 2016, the McSplains play regularly at the Irish Heritage Center, farmers markets, and other public and private events.

Saturday, August 17th 7-7:45pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 8-8:45pm on Ceili Stage

Michael Schock.jpeg
Michael Schock

Michael Schock is a Cincinnati-area folk musician with a strong interest in Celtic and Irish-inspired music. He has spent many years learning the art of Irish tune and ballad accompaniment with the Riley School of Irish Music and at the Catskills Irish Arts Week. He has most frequently played in the area with the Trans-Atlantic Roots Band and Green Key.

Friday, August 16th 5:45pm-6pm on Ceili Stage

Sunday, August 18th 6:15-6:30pm on Ceili Stage

Roving Rogues.jpg
Roving Rogues

First formed in 2006, the Roving Rogues are a group of experienced traditional musicians from the greater Cincinnati area. Specializing in the dance music of Ireland, they are mainstays at the Dayton Celtic Festival and have anchored its ceili band since 2010. Rex Cochran plays bodhran and drums, Doug Mast plays accordion and banjo, Tim Clarke plays concertina, Amy Bogard plays flute, Kate Riker plays fiddle, and Jeni Balcom plays harp and piano.

Friday, August 16th 8:30-9:15pm on Ceili Stage

Friday, Auguat 16th 9:30-10:15pm on Ceili Stage

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.png
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Cincinnati Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society enjoys and promotes the ballroom dancing of Scotland. We meet Wednesday’s Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church 7-9. Beginners welcome. No partner needed.

The Signatories.jpeg
The Signatories

The Signatories are an Irish band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. A melodic blending of traditional Irish and folk/Americana, The Signatories bring a simple yet exquisite nostalgia to all who yearn for the Emerald Isle. They are excited to share their energy at the 2019 Cincinnati Celtic Festival. 

Friday, August 16th 10:15-11pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 9:15-10pm on Ceili Stage

Saturday, August 17th 10:15-11pm on Ceili Stage

Sunday, August 18th 8pm-9pm on Ceili Stage

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